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Holw El Sham is the sweetest part of the story!

We are the secret of every beautiful moment in your occasion.

If you searched behind every joy or special occasion in your life you will always find Holw El Sham. We are with you on every occasion, but in the form of delicious cakes, pastries, dessert, drinks and sweets. We are truly proud that we have been your best and only choice for years to complete your joy.

Welcome to Holw El Sham official website here you will find everything about our products, and our business growth.

Holw El Sham 

  • The Market Leader in the Egyptian Market
  • Best Selling
  • 30 years of hard work to be the best product in the international market not only local and now we are exporting our mix powder to 27 countries
  • A range of more than 160 products including sweets and instant drinks behind the happiness of every mother and her family
  • Strategic partner for Mondelēz (Tang)


In 2002, We established one of the largest
factories in the region to produce glass
juice & Duo Pack with the best techniques

Now our product occupies 34%
of the Egyptian market

1 in the export list of our company

  • We have the most productive factory in the Middle East, more than 55 thousand tons biscuits per year
  • The full range of biscuits portfolio
  • We export to more than 16 countries around the world
  • The latest technology and machinery to be the highest quality in the world of biscuit market
  • Because we are the best and safest, we manufacture for the World Food Program and the Egyptian Ministry of Education
  • Co-manufacturing for Bisco Misr

Halawa Tahina Factory

  • The majestic taste of Halawa
  • The first item on the Egyptian breakfast table is Holw El Sham’s Halawa
  • Best price and the highest quality in the Egyptian market, Yeah it is the best! We guarantee this

Coffee Mix Factory

  • It’s got a rich aroma and is a tribute to the great reliable Keif Café taste. Perfect anytime and anywhere, Keif café Classic gives you a rich and smooth coffee experience combining instant coffee, sugar and creamer.
  • Cause your mood is important to us, Keif Café is your FRESH START FOR EVERYDAY

Chocolate factory

  • In 2003, a new company was established to produce chocolate.
  • The most productive factory in the Middle East
  • We export to more than 18 countries around the world

Jam and Tomato Paste

  • Because we have more than 3000 acres of farms, we ensure that we are the best and safest for you
  • We offer a large range of jam from the best rich fruits
  • Our Tomato Paste will enrich the flavor of your food.
  • Easy cook tomato paste is the best concentrate for the best meals


  • Holw El Sham is the secret beyond every chef,with the richest materials, and the best content.
  • More than 1000 client in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Huge Production quantity

Confectionary and bakery supplies

Are you in need of a successful partner?

We recognize that you want a partner that will approach your business with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment that you have.

More than 25 years Holw El Sham is the best business partner for the FMCG companies, factories, patisserie shops and professional chefs.

At Holw El Sham, we are proud to present a wide range of the confectionery and baking supplies, which gives you a high quality product with a good price and an amazing smell, taste, and texture. It’s worth to mention that, we provide a 350 Tons/day (127,000 tons annually) of our production capacity and our fleet of 120 trucks helps us well to provide the biggest and famous names of the factories and bakery and patisserie shops. A partnership is long-term based on quality, reliability, transparency, and credibility. 

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We are a part of the World! It is our deep culture.  Holw El Sham is sharing values with the community, inside and outside the company, so we take the social responsibility as a core value and strive to find ways of using our scope to make a positive impact in the world. At Holw…

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