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About Us

Holw El Sham for Food Industries is one of the leading FMCG companies in Egypt and the Middle East works in the field of Mix Powder, Juice, Biscuits, Cake, Jam, Halawa Tahina, Tomato Paste, Chocolate, Coffee Mix, Qamar Eldin, Halawet Moled (sugar candies) and Confectionery Supplies such as (Chocolate – Cream Chante – Sponge Cake, Cherry – ICE Cream – etc.). The founder of Holw El Sham is Mr. Abd El Moneim Bayoumi, the Chairman of the board and an old member of the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries, also a member of Investors Association, the Egyptian Businessmen Association and the Egyptian-Kenyan Business Council, incorporated the company in 1991.

Message from the Chairman and founder

Dear Success partners and customers,

With all love and dedication, we came to develop the industry in our beloved country and to promote every product that bears our country name outside the borders, we came with every persistence to bring the Egyptian product back to its deserved position. We have always been strongly convinced that the industry is the main support of the economy of any developed country, so we have devoted our expertise and efforts to make this industry a key industry.

Over the years, our pursuit was not to collect the gains, but our greatest endeavor was to build a huge entity to be one of the industry pioneers in Egypt. We have directed a large part of the capital to develop machinery according to the latest technology.

Also, I made sure that the capital is doubled when investing in our human resources, which has become one of the most important fixed assets we possess. We are proud to have multi-talented, skilled professionals in our team. Highly talented in all areas, this expert workforce has been the guiding force behind our safe and high standards of production. We believe in our employees and honor the devotion and sincerity they show towards the company. We know that with the support of our team we will expand into new ventures that will lead to progress and prosperity of not only the organization but of the country as well.

Finally, in accordance with our Company Creed of “Quality, Safety, Health, Clean and Affordable” that is proof of good value for money. Holw El Sham reaffirms its commitment to producing good products for all family members. The ethical and moral principles that helped us tremendously in molding our dreams into reality and in earning the respect of the industry.

I would like to thank our great customers and clients for your constant trust and support for us. We promise you better products and more satisfaction.

We believe that God is the source of all good things.

Abd El Moniem Bayoumi

Meet our Board Members

Mr. Abdul Moniem Bayoumi

Chair of the Board
Member of the Chamber of Food Industries – Egypt
Member of the Investors Association
Expert in Marketing and Advertising
Expert in Total Quality Management

Ms. Nada Bayoumi

Board Member
MBA in project management
Expert in Project Management and Marketing

Ms. Enas El Awamry

Board Member
Expert in Public Relations
Marketing and Advertising Consultant for the Company
Expert in Marketing Analysis

Mr. Abdul Moniem Fayed

Board Member
Expert in Financial Analysis and Feasibility Studies
Expert in Loans and Finance
Member of the American Management Association
Long experience in the Finance Field in many countries

DR. Mohamed Salem

Board Member
Financial Consultant for more than 30 years
Worked as a Financial Analyst in the Central Bank of Egypt for 10 years
Partner in KMPG
Chairperson of the Board of Fincorp
Expert in Companies’ Analysis, Merging and Acquisition Process
Expert in Companies’ Restructuring and Strategic Planning

DR. Khaled Mostafa

Board Member
Worked as HR Manager at Vodafone Egypt for 10 years
Worked as Project Manager at P&G in many countries for 15 years
Expert in the field of human resources and corporate restructuring of the major international companies

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al Makki

Board Member
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering – Alexandria University, Egypt.
President of Nabata University


In 2003, a new company was established to produce biscuits, chocolates, and sweets. The company then acquired five lines to produce abundant quantities in this promising industry.

In 2005, Holw El Sham has established one of the largest factories in the region to produce juices and concentrates; our role starts here from the step of extracting the fruit to ensure its quality. As well as contracting to buy the fruits from the source of quality to deliver natural products and distinctive taste of the seasonal fruits all year round.

Over the years, the company’s business has expanded to cover the hotel sector and the famous confectionery shops, with all the necessary raw materials that were

imported from abroad. The company has already established the factory of Cherry Pie Filling and another two factories:

One of them is for the Jellies and Bakers Improvers, and another factory for Raw Chocolate that strongly competes for the world’s largest factories, this factory currently covering a huge amount of the raw chocolate that was imported before to cover the market needs. 

Guided by the company spirit: Always offer the best & strives for excellence. The tireless efforts of our R & D team have allowed us to produce a wide range of high-quality products that thoroughly meet our customers’ expectations.


Holw El Sham is a destination for the highest quantities of the FCMG products, we exist in the market to add a better quality at every aspect: safer, healthier, tastier and be commercially available On-The-Shelf. We commit to do our utmost to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers and partners. 


To be a leading competitive food production company in Egypt and the Middle East, offering high-quality products to our diverse consumers, while improving the welfare and working conditions of our employees, creating wealth for our shareholders, and always being guided by our responsibility to our society.

Quick Facts

After 26 years of excellence, Holw El Sham has increased the capacity to meet the growing expectation of our customer and consumers.

  • Founded 1991 with Market capital EGP 250 Million
  • Sales volume EGP 500 Million as December of 2015
  • 5000 Tons/day (127,0000 tons annually) of production capacity
  • Approx. 110 products (Mix Powder, Juice, Biscuits, Cake, Jam, Halawa Tahina, Tomato Paste, Chocolate, Coffee Mix, Qamar Eldin, Halawet Moled (sugar candies) and baking and pastry supplies)
  • The total Land area is more than 45 thousand square meters
  • Located at in the 1st Industrial Zone, St. 75, 6th of October City, Giza – Egypt.
  • Holw El Sham owns 10 separate specialized factories in (Mix Powder, Juice, Biscuits, Cake, Jam, Halawa Tahina, Tomato Paste, Chocolate, Coffee Mix, Qamar Eldin, Halawet Moled (sugar candies) and Confectionery Supplies).
  • Holw El Sham owns a fleet of 120 trucks
  • The company now has nearly 1,500 employees

Holw El Sham’s Factories

  • Mix Powder Factory
  • Biscuit & Cake Factory
  • Juice and concentrates Factory
  • Coffee Mix Factory
  • Halawa Tahina Factory
  • Qamar Eldin Factory
  • Fruit Compote and Cherry factory
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Halawet Moled (Sugar Candies) Factory
  • Jam & Tomato Paste Factory