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Holw Elsham

Social Responsibility

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We are a part of the World! It is our deep culture. 

Holw El Sham is sharing values with the community, inside and outside the company, so we take the social responsibility as a core value and strive to find ways of using our scope to make a positive impact in the world.

At Holw El Sham, we appreciate the trust in our products, which make us fully responsible for your life safety. So we carefully use the best natural ingredients.

Moreover, Holw El Sham provides opportunities for youth employment, by using the capabilities of young people to achieve the balance between the economic growth and social stability. On the other hand, Holw El Sham supports some of non-profit organizations that are working in education and community development.

Holw El Sham signed a partnership with Misr El kheir Foundation and El Sheikh El Hosary Association For Public Religious & Social Services.

Halawet el Mouled

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