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Co-manufacturing service

Let’s work together for more business success

At Holw El Sham, we are proud to present a wide range of the confectionery and baking supplies, which gives you’re a high quality product with a good price and amazing smell, taste, and texture. It’s worth to mention that, we provide a 350 Ton/day (127,000 tons annually) of our production capacity and our fleet of 300 trucks helps us well to provide the biggest and famous names of the factories and bakery and patisserie shops. A partnership is long-term based on quality, reliability, transparency, and credibility, so over the years, we have succeeded to make “Holw El Sham” the equivalent of the “QUALITY” factors. 

The Cooperation with Nestlé (Caravan Foods) previously and, Mondelēz International (Cadbury Dairy Milk – Kraft) for many years has been considered a big success for Holw El Sham. In 2002 at Holw El Sham we put our experiences and abilities to provide a professional service to our customers and build a bridge of trust with them. Since then we produce huge quantities of powdered beverages (Cocoa and Tang) on behalf of Mondelēz International in more than 5 countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Libya).  We also service Bonjorno and giovdan, and made a Joint Venture with Bisco Misr.